Play by play covering: (1) music production, (2) fashion & music apparel, (3) fine arts/club culture.


1982 - 1987  Lived in Nagoya, Japan led to proficiency with JP language.  First recoding studio experience voice over’s in English as a child.  


1998-1999  San Francisco apprentice sound engineering under Rich Mounting at Bill Grahm Civic Auditorium.


1999-2002  NYC Local 1.  Mixed FOH for Whitney Houston, Naughty By Nature.  Monitor Mix for Destiny’s Child.  Assist studio engineer for Sound Boy, Big Pun’s producer.  


2003  Start working at fashion label United Bamboo as music consultant DJ.  First full-length studio production for Animal Collective - Sung Tongs.  Tour mgmt/sound for AC and Four Tet.  Gallery party producer American Fine Arts.


2004-2005  Gang Gang Dance, TV on the Radio, Black Dice, White Magic.  Principle engineer at Paw Tracks Records, Ariel Pink, Beach House.  Start record label backed by United Bamboo called UUAR.  Japanese bands: Eye Yamataka, Boredoms, Vampillia.  Work with P Vine JP.  Gallery party producer Andrew Krepps, Lisa Spalding.


2006  Mixing J-pop for R and C records.  Producing J-pop star Fayray for Yoshimoto management company.  Merchandising: United Bamboo (t-shirts and apparel).  Connected Japanese brands with Western Musicians (LCD Soundsystem, Hysteric Glamour, Cosmic Wonder).


2007  Panda Bear’s Person Pitch, receive Pitchfork #1 record of the year.  United Bamboo sells to a Japanese company.  Produce for Warp Records, instrumental gets picked up as the theme song for US TV show The Office.  Gallery party producer Poetry of Sex, James Fuentes.


2008  Owen Pallet’s Heartland for Domino, begin working with label recording, mixing, and mastering Austra, Dirty Projectors, Panda Bear.  TV on Radio for Interscope.  Tour with Fayray in Japan: single picked up as a theme song for top JP TV drama.  Fayray opens for Janet Jackson.  


2009-2012  DJ Rashad and work in Chicago.  Partnership with Ghetto Teknicians and Teklife.  Open studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn.  Lit City Trax with J Cush.  DJ Rashad - Welcome to the Chi, Spin magazine No. 1 dance music record of 2012.  Music consultant for NYC designer Thom Brown.


2013-2015  DJ Marfox and Príncipe Discos.  Rat King for XL RecordsProducer/mixer for City Slang Records, DFA records.  Consultancy for Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation: established a protocol for sound art practices across worldwide network of museums.  Merchandising: Teklife, Chicago urban label (DJ gear and apparel). 


2016  Blue Note Records as a mixer for neo-soul projects:  Nao, Rodi Kirk, Aron Ottingnon.  China mix Nova Heart - Nova Heart, No. 1 record of the year Douban.  Association with Howie Lee and label Do Hits in Beijing.  Media arts consultant for Chinese Art at Guggenheim museum.


2017  Sony Records Portugal producer of pop singer Dino d’Santiago.  Universal France African music associate producer.  Principe Discos as first ever non-African producer. Produce MCs G Fema, Tchapo, Tunto.  J-Cush, DJ TiGA London Drill & Jersey club.